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Black Footed Cat, Behind the Cuteness There is a Deadly Trait!

Black Footed Cat, Behind the Cuteness There is a Deadly Trait!

Who doesn’t love a cat? this small creature with the cutest face and adorable behavior is very popular among pets. Especially cats with a short body, big eyes, and was aiming for something, that’s so very cute, I think.

But believe me, this priesthood is all just an illusion! Because this black-footed cat says the little one is not because it’s still a baby or kid, but it’s already a big adult, just a cat whose name is African Black-Footed aka Black Foot Cat, it’s small, even the smallest in the world. Well, that does not mean he is small and keeps cute like a cat in general, even the Black Legs are apparently the type of animal that likes to live at night or nocturnal, likes to live in holes that are hard to see and difficult to reach from other creatures.

image from irina_kukuts

It was quoted from BBC video named “Big Cats”, the crew managed to record the sightings of activities from the female Black Foot Cat in the Karoo Desert in southern Africa. The cat’s name is Gyra, which had previously been given a tracker with several researchers, so it’s easy to follow its movements. Reporting from Wired, Paul Williams said that Black Foot Cats can walk up to 32 km every night and they always move. That’s so crazy, but it’s a fact!

And the scariest one again, it turns out that Gyra, the representative of the Black Foot Cat, turns out to be the deadliest cat in the world. This is because cats like Gyra have a high level of success in hunting, their success can be 60 percent of their countries smart and nimble. Their prey is birds to mice.

image from irina_kukuts

So what do you think? Still, want to keep a black-footed cat on your home? Are you ready to be extra vigilant about fish in your aquarium or your pet bird? because this cat will target it. meow!


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